What Do You Get From Audit Of Your Website: Higher Search Engine Rankings

"The design of today's websites does not lend itself automatically to high website rankings. You are on your own for that." Call Paul Anderson, SEO - 913-579-3734

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This first phase of fine-tuning your website to get Higher Search Engine Rankings involves analyzing several features that presently exist or do not exist on your site. This is an in depth analysis that looks deep into the structure of your website. Unfortunately, webmasters and designers do not offer search engine optimization (SEO) services. Once your site is up and running, you are on your own to improve your online visibility.

First, I establish a benchmark of current Internet traffic rankings. This gives us a baseline from which to measure the progress in online visibility of your site due to my work with you.

The next component in the audit is a time-consuming look at multiple details in the construction of your website which are either attracting or repelling search engines as they attempt to fulfill queries. It begins with a consideration of the keywords your site uses.

Although keywords have lost some of their power in directing the search engine results, they are still important because they provide direction and indication of what your website is all about. This then helps the Internet spiders make a better match between the intent of the given search and your intent for having a website in the first place.

As you and I take a look together at the keywords best suited around which to build the architecture and content of your website, I will need detailed answers to the following questions:

  • What is the basic intention or use you want your website to achieve? Some possible answers include driving traffic to your business, or only and solely providing information, for instance about you and your professional practice, or you want your website to serve as a landing page that will convert traffic to sales. Suffice it to say, there are many purposes websites can fulfill and certainly multiple purposes at the same time.

The intention(s) and goal(s) you have for your website determines the direction the rest of my work with you will take in determining what must be done to get higher search engine rankings.

  • What do you suspect are the top three intentions of people who search online that you want to find you? What are they looking for when they are shown your website by a search engine?
  • List in rank order the top 10 keywords you want your website to be organized around.
  • Although you may be able to acquire both, which is most important to you: local or national Internet exposure?
  • Who are your top five competitors in your business niche and what are the URLs of their website domains?

Your detailed answers to these questions will be used by me as I analyze your existing website and determine the extent to which it is able to achieve the goals you have set out for it.

The design trend today by makers of websites does not lend itself easily to high website rankings. Some of the highest-ranking websites on the web today have very few pictures or videos, lots of what looks like boring content and few pages.

For the person not versed in thinking about how to get higher search engine rankings, websites like the one I just mentioned appear to be boring and uninteresting, high rank aside.

This is the dilemma or paradox confronting you and me as we seek the highest online visibility strategies for your web presence: on one hand if your website does not appear in the top 30 search engine result pages (SERPs), the odds go way down that anybody will find your website because the search engine’s do not rank websites on the basis of what’s pretty. Search engines look at digital data such as content, architecture and the code that is used to get your website online in the first place. On the other hand, if your website is not designed to enhance what is called “user experience” (UX) which includes pretty and entertaining, searchers may see your website, but not get engaged with it, giving you nothing of what you want your website to provide for your business.

On top of all that, it does appear that part of Google’s higher search engine rankingssearch algorithms includes the amount of time a given viewer spends on your website. Google and other search engines also rank your website higher if searchers “like” and/or recommend your website to other viewers or friends of theirs. Although solid SEO is indeed a science, it also takes a certain amount of wizardry to strike an effective strategic balance between what catches the attention of search engines versus what catches and keeps the attention of people who make online searches.

My audit of your website will discuss recommended upgrades and what can be done to enhance your Internet visibility. I will focus on up to 30-50 specific factors in the areas of content, architecture, coding, trustworthiness, links, personal attractiveness, user experience and social reputation. My audit will also provide warnings or alerts (if present) for what your website contains that demotes its page rank.

Cost of audit alone: $600.00. All the information from this time consuming audit is necessary to strategically guide the changes and modification your website will need to begin getting top SEO and internet rank. The audit is thorough and does not need to be re-done if you decide to proceed with the next three step and do the work.  You can take this audit and use it yourself to make website changes.

The next step takes a close look at how to implement my suggestions for getting your website the  higher search engine rankings it deserves and results in a scope of work (SOW) document. The SOW can become a contract and working document for the website changes to be made in Step Three, if we continue working together. (See how that works and the cost here.)




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