What Does It Take To Keep Your Website High Ranked?

"If you are not willing to do what is necessary to keep your website high ranked, don't waste your time or money." Paul Anderson, SEO - 913-579-3734

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To keep your website high ranked, this Step Four is as necessary as the previous three previous steps we have completed. First, there was the audit in Step One to determine baseline ranking and what needed to be done to improve your those rankings. In Step Two, I gave you recommendations to get higher search engine rankings for your site. Those suggestions were implemented in Step Three.

All will be lost if we do not complete Step Four and do what is necessary to maintain the changes and details about your website which keep you the ahead of your internet competition.

Each search engine has its own timetable of bringing your website into the ranking game. It is a known fact that Google has what is called “The Sandbox.” I’m not sure who named it this, but it is an online status that can occur to a new or recently revamped website. (At times, a penalized sitekeep your website high ranked will also be relegated to the Sand Box for a period of punishment.) Basically, it means you have no rank all. Your website can be found, but it is not competing with other pre-existing websites.

Indexing is different than ranking. In ranking, your website has a position of some number or the other in search engine result pages (SERPs). Indexing simply means that you’re in the game and Google or other search engines found you and recorded the fact that your site is up and available. It’s not known for sure what it takes or the timetable used to move an indexed site out of the sandbox into the search result pages.  Often there is a waiting period after changes and modifications to a given website before you begin to see results.

Do not despair. Our efforts will pay off. Once we begin to see the pay-off, then we can begin to use various matrices and analytics to monitoring the performance of your website online. In Step Four I will be using various tools to determine how the search engines are responding over time to the “remodeling” of your website .

With that information, we can continue to tweak and fine tune the content, architecture, coding, social media and other influences on your website to not only continue rising in the ranks, but sustain those gains.

Keep Your Website High Ranked


I cannot emphasize enough how forcefully the search engines, particularly Google, make it clear that they do not want to give any rank to flash-in-the pan or “spammy” websites. If you put yourself in the shoes of Google, for instance, whose main business is providing satisfying and fulfilling information to online searchers, it is understandable that it, Google, does not want to direct people to websites that do not have durability.

“Google looks at the domain age just because if you’re up there for a long time,
that probably means you’re publishing quality content.” Sean

It is not only trustworthiness, authority, and user experience (UX) that Google is measuring. It is also important to Google and its users that search results continue to be available as needed. Factors that rank a website are not only things like fresh/Evergreen content, metadata, key words and tags, but the age of your site and indicators that you intend to keep your website up and available over time.

If you are a pizza business, for example, and Google connected you and it’s hungry online searchers together yesterday, it wants to imply to its users that you will be there tomorrow and into the future. If not, Google will seek out other more sustainable and reliable pizza stores and show their websites to its searchers before it even considers bringing your site online. I want your website content to be some of the first online seekers see, now and in the future.

One of the small but solid optimization clues that search engines put sustainable websites at the top, is that domains which are registered for two years or longer at a time appear to be ranked higher than domains which are only registered a year at a time. Of course, Google will not confirm this, but longevity observations of online ranking criteria prove this to be true

If you are not in the internet rankings business for the long haul and willing to do what is necessary to keep your website high ranked, don’t waste your time or money.

There are no quick fixes for site ranking. Those of us in the SEO business have learned the hard way that Google is too smart for short term gaming.

Like any significant poker game, only serious players are welcome at the online ranking table. If you’ve come this far with me to optimize your website, make a commitment to stay in the game. Let me, month by month, continue to mature your website so that Google treats it like an online diamond, a precious jewel, once found, thereafter carefully guarded and highly regarded.

You can buy your way into the SERPs, but organic traffic that comes from being well optimized and having high online visibility is much better, more economically, producing long term, substantial results for you.

In a 2014 study, Conductor suggested 64% of all web traffic comes from organic search, compared to 2% from social, 6% from paid search, 12% direct and 15% from other referral sources.

Post Script (ps.): I require a minimum of six months engagement in my contract with you, for good reason. Maintenance of what makes money for your business should never be neglect: equipment, people, service procedures, or your brick-and-mortar assets, if you have them. The same is true of the SEO efforts and services necessary to keep your website high ranked among your competitors.


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