Now What? Suggestions For High Internet Page and Traffic Ranking

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My affordable SEO services for small businesses are directed at one singular goal; to gain and sustain highest possible internet page and traffic ranking for your website. Here in Step Two, based on the audit in Step One, I construct recommendations designed uniquely for your website and business niche.

My efforts for gaining high online visibility for your site are organized around the keywords and related latent semantic indexing terms you and I have agreed on that best represent your business products and services.

Top websites use these key terms and words to generate specific organic search results and also target your typical customer and the specific needs or desires they have which you are best suited to meet.

Page-One internet page and traffic ranking brings customer needs and your business offerings together.

The field of search engine optimization is heavily populated with experts and their opinions as to what works best to get your website at the top of search results. As you might guess, it can be daunting and confusing as you dig into the blogs and online writings about web site traffic ranking.

Over the years of doing SEO work, I rely on two principles to guide my suggestions about how to  get your website to a top site rank and be one of the most visited websites.

  • First is the use of testing which puts ranking a website on a scientific basis. By testing various strategies and website configurations, I have generated reliable data as to what works and what doesn’t. (Having said that, I hasten to add that reality on the Internet is always changing. My job is to keep up with the current world wide web state of affairs.
  • Secondly, I spend a great deal of time reading other people’s thoughts and opinions about website rankings. Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines are very secretive about the ingredients of their search software and algorithms. Although this makes doing SEO more difficult, eventually it is possible to pick out the themes and patterns that continue to be repeatedly represented in the tested work of other search engine optimizers.

Some SEO professionals guesstimate over 200 different variables that need to be managed so as to please search engines and game them into putting a specific website at top rank. This is not verifiable. What does seem to be solid consensus among experts are 30 to 50 variables that are known to work best to improve your website’s chances of being on page one.Internet Page and Traffic Ranking

After auditing your website, my recommendations for upgrading and suggestions for top website ranking begins with the widely accepted 30 to 50 factors that always need attention on most popular web sites. This will provide a solid foundation to get your website to the top. Additional fine-tuning considerations will be suggested later.

Before moving to Step Three, implementing and applying my SEO recommendations, I want to reassure you, I will be as transparent, complete and detailed in justifications for my recommendations as you may desire. Whether we get deep into the technicality of these technologies or not, I can guarantee you my recommendations are not “spam,” “black hat” or illegal in any way.

Sooner or later Google and the pack of search engines that it leads will catch up with “negative violation factors” if those are used on your website. Once that happens, those factors are not overlooked, but are used to demote the rank and online visibility you may have had in the past.

In other words, my work and recommendations for your site will not hurt your website’s Internet Page and Traffic Ranking.

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