SEO for Therapists and Other Service Providers: What You Didn’t Learn in School About How to Make the World a Better Place

"Your teachers & professors let you down. They didn't teach the importance of SEO for Therapists." Paul Anderson, SEO. It's not too late. Call 913-579-3734

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The Most Important Secret for a Therapist’s Website to Get High Rank

There are numerous technical aspects about a website which affect online visibility and page rank. Understanding and knowing how to use these factors is a big part of what I do to benefit and improve your site ranking. Having said that, the single biggest on and off page factor overlooked by websites for therapists is “branding.” On-the-page branding primarily is a matter of proper design and use of content marketing. Off-the-page branding focuses on links and the use of social media.

seo for therapists psychologists private practice, seoAny and all branding efforts must start with a clear practice description and an orientation point that is easy for your clients to understand. If you have not already done this consciously, do it NOW, before you go to your office tomorrow, before you see another client!

A clear practice description is your mission and it guides everything you do as a professional, whether you realize that or not.  All branding does is share that vision and mission with the public. If you are confused about your point of professional orientation, so will be your clients. Most of us don’t want to work with a confused service provider.

SEO work You Can Do On Your Own: DIY Search Engine Optimizing

There is a great deal you can do yourself to get higher search engine rankings. I recommend you look into these possibilities and do as much as possible before hiring me or another SEO professional. Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to work on optimizing your site, reading this article will give you familiarity with many of the things I recommend therapists do to increase their branding presence online and in turn, your online website visibility.

Pricing/Cost of SEO for Therapists Sites


Top page ranked websites required time, expertise and money to get to page one. Those same three ingredients are also necessary to maintain that status. How much time, expertise and money depends upon several variables, but perhaps the two most important are the competition level in the niche you’re working in and the size of your website.

As a rule, the more competitive the niche you are working in, the more difficult and costly it will be to have a 1st page ranking website. Secondly, as the number of pages in your website and the level of complication in terms of website architecture and coding increases, the greater the need for extensive expertise on a long-term basis. Pricing for SEO services at this level are in the thousands of dollars per month.

The websites of most therapists, professionals and small local business do not require this level of costly sophistication to rank high and generate respectable organic traffic. You can get your website to rank higher in search engine results for much less. The trick here is to find those SEO experts who will do a thorough job without cutting corners and give you the internet traffic rankings you expect. Unfortunately, many scammers have turned their energies to trapping the unwary into buying expensive SEO packages, but delivering poor results on the backend.

Cautions Before You Hire:


  • First, it does take a while for solid search engine optimization practices to yield results, a minimum of six months. Having said that, don’t lock yourself into a contract for longer than 4-6 month until you see progress and a steadily increasing page rank for your website.
  • Secondly, inform yourself well about standard SEO practices so that you know something about what is being discussed for changes to your website. Part of this is not only knowing what can help website ranking, but what can hurt the optimization of your site.
  • Thirdly, reputable SEO professionals agree there is no standard, one-size-fits-all formula for high online visibility strategies. Each case works with many variables and considerations. Therefore, never work with an optimizer who guarantees first page ranking.

My Current Pricing

My initial SEO package asks for a six-month commitment. However, the first month conducts an intensive Audit of your site and it’s online positioning. Cost is $600 (unless there are other complications I must consider). This includes an integration of all the information and data collected in the Audit phase into a scope of work (SOW) that will guide the work and changes done to your website to enhance it’s rank. You are free to stop working with me at this point and find other means to integrate the the SOW information into website improvements.

If we continue working together modifying and improving your website SEO, the cost for the next five months is $180 each month. The entire six months SEO Package is $1500.00.

During this six month period, I provide you regular follow-up, feedback on current ranking and monitoring of you site along with suggestions for continued tweaking to your site as the page rank increases.

These charges can be billed on a monthly basis (as broken out above) for a total of $1500 for the first six months. A second payment option with savings is to pay in advance a discounted price of $1320.

Call me now, Paul Anderson, SEO, 913-579-3734 and get the page rank jump on your competition.  SEO for therapists is the secret sauce for counseling success which more professionals are learning how to use.





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