Making Changes That Improve Site Ranking

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My recommendations that will improve site ranking are constructed based on my audit and careful analysis using dozens of matrices and measuring tools in Step Two. Now, you and I are on the way to getting better search engine rankings for your website.

It is time for implementation of necessary changes I have given you in writing to update your website. My recommendations uniquely address themselves to your business niche, the intended purpose of your website, your locale, the key words and semantic indexing around which you are building your online business, as well as other factors I have taken into account pertaining to your situation.

Because every case is different, I cannot in advance predict the amount of work and time necessary to make the recommended modifications and/or additions to your website. However, I know this for sure: the sooner these changes are adopted, the sooner you will reap the benefits and improve your page rank. And the changes are tailor-made for your unique business model and niche.

 Your webmaster or whomever has access to the administrative side of your website will make the necessary website changes that improve site ranking.


Please be aware of the following two disclaimers :

  • I do not make modifications directly to your website structure or codes (unless you establish an additional contract for the kind of work with me).
  • Nothing in in our agreement to work together implies, suggests or guarantees results of any kind.

 I will work closely with whomever you request me to do so in making my recommendations animprove site rankingd suggestions clear and able to be implemented. I will also provide suggestions as to the sequence of what changes to make in what order. From time to time, I may make suggestions that will benefit your website rankings but which are not directly related to the content, architecture or coding of your site.

These second level recommendations I’m happy to provide as part of my SEO service. Some examples include ways (such as purchasing outside services for nominal fees) to gain citations for your website. I may recommend acquiring social media accounts and make suggestions how best to use those. Other suggestions include how to position various elements on webpages, how to gain internal and external links and how to dove-tail with non-online marketing efforts. Listing your website on directories and other Web 2.0 sites may also come to be useful.

Suffice it to say, my goal is your goal: improve site ranking for your website and increase the web traffic you generate.

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