How To Build a Website From Scratch for a Therapy or Counseling Practice

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  1. Intro: Counseling Business 101
  2. The Whole Kit And Caboodle of Building a Therapy Site
  3. Many Builders, All With Issues
  4. Now That It's Built, Make It Earn: SEO
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Two final comments on  “How To Build A Website From Scratch”

  • The DIY option of using site-building programs will not help you with expertise on branding yourself, let alone helping you develop the comfort necessary with this process. Good self-branding requires objectivity and a knowledge of what your target audience needs and wants. Often this necessitates using objective experts other than yourself who can be practical and more matter-of-fact, leaving out the emotion that can gum up the works.

An example of this regarding the therapy sites I’ve worked on is how difficult it is to get the counselor, therapist or psychologist to sit and conduct a brief video for posting on their website. All I ask for this 30 to 60 seconds of this professional telling his or her audience what they can do for them to make their lives better. It takes coaching to get this job done.

  • Unfortunately, the world of internet websites is still divided into those who build the website and make it look pretty and those who optimize websites to make them have high page rank and online visibility.It is possible to build your website and then have someone else search engine optimize it for you. I often do this and with good results. The best option however is for the builder of your website to also know how to build-in good foundational SEO features.

Because I have had almost 20 years of experience with these issues, I am one of the rare mental health people who know how to first build a solid, well-functioning website and at the same time keep search engine optimization and other architectural factors in mind from the very inception of the website building process.

I am available to either build a great website for you as your webmaster from the beginning (The Whole Kit and Caboodle) or be the one you hire to build your site for you using the plug-and-play program of your choice. Then we can realistically address the SEO needs of your website will get it high page rank.

Optimizing Your Website for the Search Engines
Fine-tuning your website to meet your expectations of high, online presence is a big piece of the answer to the  question I asked earlier, “What is meant by functional?” If the search engines don’t find your website or even if they find it, they determine for a variety of reasons that it is of less value or quality than some another website, your site, for practical purposes, doesn’t exist.

Most online internet searchers will make a decision and click on it before they get past the third page. That means your website needs to rank in the top 30 to 40 results a search engine returns to a given searcher in their quest for information.

Granted, there many reasons and ways to be present online including social media, videos, citations, back links, blogs, etc. However, all of these require the foundation of a website that ranks well in search engine optimization (SEO). Even if all you want your website to do is function as  a source of information about who you are as a professional, why have the website if people never see it?

That’s a little bit like listing yourself in the telephone book but not providing your phone number. Without effective SEO, your site will be buried low in the many pages of search results.

My SEO services are directed to one singular goal; to gain and maintain the highest online ranking possible for your website around the keywords you and I agree to work with. Although Google has never revealed the details, best guesses are that it uses over 200 considerations in its search engine logarithms to determine the best fit between a given online search and the top websites/webpages it shows to the searcher.

What we do know for sure is that relevance and authority are the major guidelines Google and others use to select search engine returned pages (SERPs). SEO today is not what some people believe it to be:

“In other words, SEO today is a complex role — one that goes far beyond simply ensuring that search engine crawlers can access and parse your website. Doing the job well requires a working knowledge of many different online marketing channels, along with an understanding of how these various channels work together to enhance search engine visibility and create a great user experience.

As stated above, an SEO’s role has largely evolved into that of a content experience analyst, who is basically a professional charged with optimizing a brand’s content across multiple devices, platforms and web properties to attract consumers at all stages of the customer journey.” Winston Burton, Acronym

My Scope Of Work (SOW) for Search Engine Optimizing Your Website
First, I determine in conversation with you, what you want from your website, what you are presently doing for SEO and what you would like me to help with. I want to know things such as what keyword areas of relevance you want to rank for, who is your competition, how you’re using social media, content marketing, latent semantic indexing and analytics, etc.

With that information from you in mind, I make a thorough SEO audit of your website, establishing baselines of performance, and designing the right and strategic website modifications for improved online rank and visibility. You will receive a written report containing these recommended to build website scratch

I then provide on an ongoing guidance and assistance to you to change and adjust, various aspects and features of your website to invite search engine spiders to find and identify your website as one of the best to meet the public’s search criteria, centered around your chosen keyword(s).

When I begin working with your website, I establish at that time the search engine rankings of your website for the keyword(s) you give me. This will serve as a baseline from which we can measure the progress of the ranking and page locations of your website.

The directions and suggestions I make for improving your website rankings are given to you and/or your webmaster, as you so direct me. These can be in writing via e-mail or at times, delivered over the phone.

Depending upon the contract we have negotiated for SEO work, I will make the necessary modifications to your website to bring it in line for increased optimization , or in other words, I can function as your hired webmaster.

A Six Month Commitment
My work with you on your website is a work in progress and therefore an ongoing dialogue with you will be necessary about how best to get you top online visibility for your website. Any major changes in the direction or goals you have for your website, such as change in business niche, can be made only at six-month intervals.

Although I have itemized out the details of the SEO process and work that would be applied to your website, if you were to hire me to build your website to begin with, much of the SEO work would be seamlessly folded in as the site construction is going on.

Call me, Paul Anderson, SEO913-579-3734.  I can guide and assist you to find the right answers for you about “how to build a website from scratch,” and then implement those into your website and successful counseling business.





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