How To Build a Website From Scratch for a Therapy or Counseling Practice

The Whole Kit and Caboodle About “How to Build A Therapy Website From Scratch.” Call 913-579-3734 to get started with an alternative to TherapySites.

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  1. Intro: Counseling Business 101
  2. The Whole Kit And Caboodle of Building a Therapy Site
  3. Many Builders, All With Issues
  4. Now That It's Built, Make It Earn: SEO
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You are a professional therapist or counselor and you search online with the keywords: “how to build a website from scratch.” You have finally realized you need a business website. You have spent your time and money getting qualified and licensed, putting in all the required long hours for professional status. Maybe you have a job at some agency which is underpaying you to do clinical work and you’re thinking about private practice as an alternative.How To Build A Website From Scratch

Maybe you’ll work with the insurance companies or not. Be that as it may, you’ve come to realize that a website about you and your practice will not only be advisable, but essential if you’re going to get referrals and keep your counseling business alive.

Your online research left you feeling  somewhat  intimidated by all the technology of online visibility, search engine ranking, optimization of your website, website care, etc., let alone how to put together a website. So, you go on another internet search, typing in keywords like “online therapy sites”, or “best website builder for small business,” or even “how to build a private practice.” What your hunt reveals is even more overwhelming. The more you read, the more there is to learn.

I would agree. These matters of online visibility and keeping an effective website running are complicated. But, I would also agree with you; whatever else you do, you must start with the website and a decent one that functions to give you traffic, attract people interested in your newsletter and eventually, new counseling clients sitting in your therapy office.

I am a PhD psychologist in private practice for over 25 years. I understand what you’re going through. As an out-of-network provider for all the insurance companies (including Medicare), I have had to figure out how to use the internet to survive. 90%+ of my clientele come from my online visibility.

Your online search about getting a website for a small business or a site for therapy in particular, may now take you to looking for alternatives to building a site from scratch. I want to share with you the options and inner workings of this website construction business.  Complicated and overwhelming to a newbie: yes. Learnable and manageable: also yes.

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