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“Any single word is now understood to have multiple meanings by Google and the way these words are actually used by anyone who has ever used Google before, means that far more accurate results can be delivered.” Christopher Ratcliff

The great benefit of this for searchers is that they get search results individually tailored to their needs and requests. The tough thing for you and me as website managers wanting to get customer eyeballs on our website pages, is that we have to be clever and know what is required to come to the attention of the search engine’s.

“Topical relevance is replacing page rank. I would expect related editorial links to be more valuable than ever before.” Chuck Price

Certainly, internet customers have the intent of being led to trustworthy sites where they can find valid and accurate information. Because of that, your website content needs to be as authoritative, honest and useful as possible. As you might expect, however, the Google bots and search engine logarithms take into account multiple factors in determining “topical relevance.” It’s my job to know what these are and the details about how to apply them to your website for high-ranking. They include on and off the page factors such as latent semantic indexing, high-quality website architecture, using the right coding procedures on your website, quality links, mobile responsive pages, social media presence and avoidance of using penalizing techniques such as cloaking, stuffing and spam.

Effective SEO Can Be Complicated. It Involves Many Factors. (See this infographic)

Putting all these complicated factors together so that your website is configured to come as near the top of page one in topically relevant searches as possible and at the same time be pretty, authoritative and bring you customers in the field of your expertise is what I can do for you.

affordable SEO bluffton, scFor several reasons, organic search results are the best to sustain your ongoing Internet success. “Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being (paid for) advertisements.” Wikipedia

Perhaps most importantly with organic search benefits, you do not have the high cost of buying advertisement from the search engine companies. In addition, searchers have a tendency to be distrusting of paid-for-ads because, by definition, they are self-serving of the person placing the ad and may or may not meet searcher’s needs, let alone their intent.

For your website to be made visible to anonymous searchers by a search engine which is theoretically neutral, automatically adds validity to the possibility that your website has trustworthy answers that will meet your customer’s needs and questions.

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