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I know how to get Page-One Search Results and improved online visibility for your website, a great alternative to TherapySites.

Gaining significant and meaningful online visibility with SEO can seem like wizardry, but there is a science to it. Although the ranking factors are numerous and constantly changing in order to keep abreast of the fluctuating nature of the internet and the algorithms search engines use to fulfill search queries, the best practices that lead to increased website visibility do not change.

I am not going to tease you into going to a landing page and offering you a free multi-page e-book promising bulletproof ways to get more customers, more clients, SEO bluffton schigher rankings on Google in exchange for your e-mail. I do not offer a newsletter for you to subscribe to that will cram your e-mail inbox with wordy blogs about web visibility.

Who Can You Trust To Optimize Your Web Presence? Proof Is In The Outcome Ranking.

What I do want to do here is to let you know that I am qualified in the business of helping you index and rank your website(s) as high as possible and then, most importantly, keep it at that level. It takes constant vigilance of search engine realities to keep your website showing up in the top ranking positions.

It should be of interest to you to know that in most cases, the people who develop websites are not versed in good SEO for local businesses. And the reverse is also true: the best SEO companies to work with do not build websites as their main business.

You can see this fact played out on the front page of many recently developed and constructed websites. The trend today is toward pretty websites with beautiful scrolling pictures on the first page taking up most of the space above the fold. Indeed, these can be entertaining and enticing sites to visit, but pretty does not rank. Google bots and spiders only know how to read and do not rank your website based on who has the best pictures. Online visitors will likely never see your beautiful website photography if your site does not show up within the first 3 pages of their search.

Who Google Wants To Please

Here’s something you can count on: online searchers are the main customer of internet search engines. Because of that, these internet crawlers continue to evolve in their searching capabilities to serve up better and better search results. I can help your website get noticed and highly ranked in search results because I continue to keep up with how internet search workspage-one search results and what it takes to get the search engines pleased to serve up your website to their customers.

If you’re going to work the internet with a website, your website must show up in the top 30 of the search results with content that is highly relevant to the intent of the searcher. For example, if I search for keyword phrase, “What does SEO stand for?” the top 30 hits shown to me will be different than the results shown to you searching for the same keyword phrase from your computer. Search engines today, especially Google, want their search results to match the intent of the searcher. That is determined by many factors, including the location of the searcher, the most recent searches made by the searcher, demographics and other secret algorithms.

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