2 Clickbait Techniques I’m Fed-up With: Numbered Lists and Emotional Hooks.

"If I see a title with numbers or emotional hook words in it, I am suspicious the author offers little and must revert to clickbait." Paul Anderson, SEO

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Immune to Emotional Stuff

With time and exposure to emotional hooks, they cease to work. As with a screaming mother, no matter how emotional she is with us kids, eventually we learn to tune her out. Using the same analogy, when daddy or somebody else of few words just lays the plain facts clearly and calmly on the table, we pay attention and listen.

Don’t treat me like what you have to say doesn’t warrant my attention unless you use all the emotional hook words in the English vocabulary. So much of this business of using numbers and emotional hook words covers over bad writing. All the writing coaching and instruction I’ve had is built upon a foundation premise of “show, don’t tell.” Show me that you’ve got 11 of this or seven of that by laying it all out with 1500 words or more in your website blog article. Let me decide if it’sclickbait techniques, pageonesearchpower.com awesome, powerful, huge or instant.

Solid literature, effective journalism, narrative essay and novel writing does not depend upon elongated numbering of bullet points or the exasperating use of overused adjectives? Why is it then that online content writing for websites is has to revert to yellow journalism techniques that proffer sensationalism over quality written content?

I don’t have the answer to that question. What I do have is encouragement for would be bloggers and content writers for websites who want readers to be impressed enough to CTR to wherever you want them to go is to learn to write well.

I know that online readers want what they read to be to the point, swift and entertaining. The belief in the so-called short attention span of the modern day online searchers and readers suggests that we must insult them into giving us 30 seconds of their time. It could be that the reason most people scan online material is because they’re looking for little nuggets of value in a piece without being worked over with counting and emotional drudgery, but little quality.

Solid Content Which Respects Reader’s Intelligence

Give your readers something that suggests they are intelligent sentiment beings trying to get by on this planet the best they can. They either want or need something, maybe both. Chances are they’re not browsing and surfing your website because they have nothing better to do. Don’t paint by the numbers and expect your readers to call it a masterpiece.

Show respect to your readers. Use a headline, title tags and headings that guide the reader through what you have to offer. People are intelligent and will rise to the expectations and the kind of treatment delivered to them.

Write your articles with enough solid content to convince the artificial intelligence we call search engines that you know what you’re talking about and that your article is relevant to the search terms used . Spend the rest of your time bestowing something upon your readers of value and worth.

Let your readers determine for themselves how many points you gave them and whether or not they were awesome enough to remember and use. That’s what I call killing two stones with one bird: good SEO got the article in front of your readers by being ranked well and then you gave them something worth clicking on.

Contact me (913-579-3734), Paul Anderson, SEO for more on how to get great SEO and CTR with no insulting clickbait scams.

Using these 2 Clickbait Techniques I’m Fed-up With (Numbered Lists and Emotional Hooks) is not necessary for success.






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